Businesses Give Back To Their Community In The Virgin Islands

After being hit by back-to-back hurricanes at the end of 2017, the U.S. Virgin Islands entered a long and slow process of recovery. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which had followed on the heels of Irma, many the residents of the islands had no power and no access to necessities, like safe drinking water, medicine, and food. Many had lost their homes and jobs. With limited federal monies initially directed elsewhere, community organizations banded together to bring relief.

Community Foundation Of The Virgin Islands (CFVI)

The CFVI maintains funds and provides services to ensure the best possible quality of life for residents of the USVI. After the recent hurricanes, the foundation established the Fund for the Virgin Islands to help those in crisis. They work with both government officials and other non-profit organizations to identify need and distribute money and other forms of assistance. In addition to rebuilding homes and infrastructure, they are working closely with community organizations that focus on children and youth, the elderly, and families in need.

St. Croix Foundation For Community Development

This organization was established after Hurricane Hugo hit the island in 1989 in order to help rebuild the community and provide emergency assistance. Since Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the foundation has supported island residents through the Caribbean Assistance and Relief Effort (CARE) Fund. The funds raised are distributed to health and human services organizations, including schools and health care providers. The foundation has also organized community meetings for the purpose of planning and coordinating relief efforts.

David Johnson Cane Bay

David Johnson is a partner in Cane Bay Partners, a business consulting and management company that is based on St. Croix. With his business partner, he formed a non-profit organization called Cane Bay Cares to provide assistance to residents of St. Croix and the other islands after the two major hurricanes of 2017. Through a social media campaign, they have raised funds with a pledge to match donations up to $200,000. So far, they have used the money to purchase generators, bottles of water, mosquito repellents, personal hygiene items, and many other necessities. David Johnson Cane Bay is deeply connected to the St. Croix community and committed to helping with relief efforts.

Thanks to the combined efforts of local non-profits run by and for USVI residents, the process of recovery is underway. As of early January, power had returned to more than 90% of USVI residents, and this has given a much-needed boost to relief efforts.

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